DNA sequence in social networks

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DNA sequence in social networks

I'm PhD setudent  , working in DNA seq. in social networks.
at first, I would like to know which applications that have to use pairwise seq. and the other that have to use multiple seq. alignment.
i.e. what is thing by which we decide work with pairwise or multiple seq. alignment?

the other query: regarding pairwise seq. ,it is  disocvering the similarity sequences in dataset.
 my dataset  consist of records , each record  has  sum of events.
thses records are similar in events .
These records are not similar in sequence of events but are similar in disributed events along each record.
can Pairwise discover that similarity or not?

I do apprecite any reply.

many thanks

Ivan Delgado
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There are a number of free

There are a number of free tools online that can be used to perform pairwise sequence alignments of DNA sequences. For example the EMBL has a tool call EMBOSS that can align two sequences.

As for how you can do these kinds of alignments from datasets that contain information other than DNA I do not know.