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low protein expression

Dear all,
This ' s a big problem for me, I express the HuScFv protein using pcantab5e transfromed into E. coli TG1. In the first time, the protein was express high yeild but next time this protein low express. What should i do? please tell me. I need some help. Thank you

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Hola,first I never have used

Hola,first I never have used this plasmid and strain but using other plasmids and E coli host, for me this phenomenom occurs when you have used an old colony for preinoculum, try to seed from glycerolizated -80 strain or if you have done it transform newly. Good Luck

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Hola, I agree to the post

Hola, I agree to the post made earlier to mine. I have never worked with the plasmid you mentioned, but I have found in these cases, you can take from the fresh stock at -80 C ,do transformation/ isolate Plasmid DNA and then try for protein expression. That is start afresh from a fresh new stock at -80 C.

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Thanks a lot. first, I'll

Thanks a lot. first, I'll take E. coli from glycerol stock culture.

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Hi friend,
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