Na, K, ATPase

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Na, K, ATPase

Does anybody have a good straightforward protocol for spectrophotometrically determining Na, K-ATPase activity in mouse tissue homogenates?
I tried finding the answer in several references (Leon et al 1981; Caputto et al 1977; Fighera et al 2006). How exactly do you measure an amount of released inorganic phosphate by colorimetric method?
I am quite confused, I don't have a lot of experience in determining enzyme activity.
Also, do tissue homogenates need to be fresh?

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Hi Chrisitina,

Hi Chrisitina,

You can check this reagent for inorganic Pi measurements from
The assay is very simple you just need to compare your results to the standrds which are alco supplied by the same company.
Alternatively you can look for more diagnostic assays

Hope this will help