Size 9 Preclinical Capsules

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Size 9 Preclinical Capsules

As I stated in the description I'm not a scientist.  I did ask permission to join before doing so, and hopefully I'm choosing the right area to post in.  Moderators, if you feel this doesn't belong here or that I shouldn't be here please let me know.
I have a special needs cat who is young and suffers from multiple problems.  So far, most of it is controlled very well, however one problem persists that requires a certain medication called Tylan.  I don't know if most of you are familiar with this stuff but it's horrid.  It works wonders and makes it worth using, but the taste is just unbearable.  The problem here, is that it's in powder form, which makes it impossible to give to her, there's no masking the taste.  The other problem is that while I can put it into empty pill capsules, we can't give her the pill because from a birth defect she cannot open her mouth very wide.  This causes her a lot of stress.  This is, I should say my Aunt's cat and she's scared of hurting her as from her defects she's very tiny.  Since I'm not close enough to her to offer to pop pills I'm trying to find other methods that are easy for both of them.  So far the smallest capsule size I found is a size 5.  While this is small I do not believe it will allow her to hide it in her food and have her eat it without knowing, although we are trying anyway. 
While continuing my search I found a special size 9, that's also called a PC Capsule (preclinical capsule, but I'm sure you all knew that) it's used to dose rats and is to the best of my knowledge extremely small.  I can't really tell because I don't have one to compare with the 5.  This is were the problem arises.  I have found only two places so far that make it.  One will not sell to a consumer and the other will but they charge over 200.00 for just 50 pills.  This is of course not cost effective.  So it got me wondering if there are any other places that make them and sell them at a reasonable price or if there's a way to buy them from  pharmaceutical companies?  I may be at a dead end but I felt I would rather ask then not.
Thank you for any help!

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Jlm: I'm looking for empty

Jlm: I'm looking for empty capsules size 5. You said you found size 5, would you mind sharing where to buy size 5 empty capsules?


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I think she ended up ordering

I think she ended up ordering them from Torpac.  I have to double check but I'm fairly certain as they were the company that was right near us and they happily sent us a bunch of samples of size 4 and 5 so we could play around and see which size worked better.  Size 5 is nice and tiny (although 9 is still ideal) and we are able to hide it in her food.  I think she knows it's there but since she can't taste it she just quickly gulps down her first bit and then eats normally.  I'll double check where she got them from but I know there was also a vet site that sold them too.  I'll have to see if I can find that place again and I'll post for you.