Protocol For Immunoflourescence staining of RAW cells in suspension

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Protocol For Immunoflourescence staining of RAW cells in suspension

I want to do immunoflourescent staining of RAW cells  in suspension without fixing them. I want to detect the live, Apoptotic and dead cells by Annexin/PI staining. If somebody has a protocol or suggestion please reply.


Arvind Singh Pundir
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Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit

Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit (Distinguishing between live and dead cells is very important for investigation of growth control and cell death. The Live-Dead Cell Staining Kit provides the ready-to-use reagents for convenient discrimination between live and dead cells. The kit utilizes Live-DyeTM, a cell-permeable green fluorescent dye (Ex/Em = 488/518 nm), to stain live cells. Dead cells can be easily stained by propidium iodide (PI), a cell non-permeable red fluorescent dye (Ex/Em = 488/615). Stained live and dead cells can be visualized by fluorescence microscopy using a band-pass filter (detects FITC and rhodamine). The kit provides sufficient reagents for 100 stainings using 24-well plate. )

Invitrogen also supplies thes kits :

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You may custom your own

You may custom your own method on Creative Diagnostics, this company provide a few areas of customed service, and it's nice, you may have a try!