what is mean by research article?

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what is mean by research article?

In our college we are starting blog to share knowledge, so our Head of the dept said  every student should bring research article from web, now i am confused research articles means "Updated Research News or research papers submited by researchers" i searched in google now all of our friends confused between these two issues, please help me what is it?, where should i get these things and which one is useful to students.pls help us.

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Hi Micro groups,

Hi Micro groups,

Nice to know that you are looking for Research papers. It is very easy to get one.

Go to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ where you can find out any research papers you want. It is the complete data of research and researchers. If you are interested in some topics, use it as keywords to search in pubmed.

You need to collect research papers submitted by researchers but not review articles. I think your HOD looking for that.

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