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Life Science Search Engine

A lot of people out there, including Scientist Solutions, think that Web searches can be improved by focusing on particular domains. I'm just wondering if they are right and am curious how far along these new search engines are in their development.

For example, what do you think of this life science specific search engine?

How does it compare with the Scientist Solutions Search feature ?

Know any other examples?

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http:/ is a

http:/ is a customized search engine for lifescience. It looks for your query in about four thousand targeted and focussed sites and gives you relevant results.

The main features of the search engine are posted on the site itself . Please visit and try a few queries related to your research in lifescience domain.

Please remember it will be useful ONLY for lifescience and not any other domain.

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Hi Brij !!!!

Hi Brij !!!!

I have checked your search engine its working nice. And also this idea of having domain specific search engine would really improve the performance of search engines. But i have a question in mind that how you update your search directory ? because now you are searching around 4000 sites for query results. W't about other results ?

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Nice search engine. Useful.

Nice search engine. Useful. thanks for information.

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My favorite is VADLO -

My favorite is VADLO - Biomedical and Life Sciences Search Engine
But of equal importance to me is its daily biology/science/medical cartoons!
This one I had posted elsewhere on the project, but can't get enough of such good resource.
This one does not seem to be through Google, standalone, although the advertising is by google, so don't know.

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You can try also this onehttp

You can try also this one

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I've been working on a search

I've been working on a search engine for antibodies, equipment, and biochemicals.