The end for microarrays ?? - RNA Seq - ( solexa ,..)

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The end for microarrays ?? - RNA Seq - ( solexa ,..)

dear all,

In the Nature methods of July 2008, J.S present the last applications
of the next-generation sequencing devices ( Applied Biosystems SOLid, 454 Roche, Illumina-solexa ).
Both sequencing platforms offer approximately similar read lengths, error rates and per-tag costs, but the distinction is specifically around the shotgun construction and the data analysis.
So I would like to discuss with the users of the Solexa method to know their feeling , about the device , the protocols, the limit of Solexa especially in the gene expression topic.
Thanks for your reply.

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This paper may be useful for

This paper may be useful for anyone considering completely ditching microarrays in favor of RNA-seq/WTSS. However, the dynamic range gain and sensitivity demonstrated in this one would sway me in favor of sequencing over arrays.


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The cost and turnaround time

The cost and turnaround time for RNA-seq vs microarrays may also be important factors. I am guessing microarrays are still (and will remain) faster and much cheaper than performing a similar experiment using RNA-seq.