Forced Degradation Strategies

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Tony Rook
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Forced Degradation Strategies

Here is an annual meeting dedicated to establishing standards & protocols for conducting forced degradation tests on small molecules.

5th Annual Forced Degradation Strategies
for Small Molecules Conference

February 25-27, 2008
Sheraton Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD

Strengthen your understanding of Degradation science through:
ü First-hand case studies
ü Interactive panel discussions
ü Breakout sessions

Our 5th Annual event will continue to offer first-rate case studies on forced degradation testing photostability, oxidation, hydrolysis, heat, and pH forced degradation testing, and will feature the following NEW topics:

Regulations Update and Analysis of Genotoxic Degradants in Pharmaceutical Samples

Photostability and Oxidative Stability Testing

Incorporate Forced Degradation Testing Into Method Development

Uncover How To Use Forced Degradation Results to Improve Formulation Design

Using Orthogonal Methods To Identifying Degradants and Elucidate Structures

Explore Automated Forced Degradation Platforms

Drug Excipient Interaction and Compatibility

Combination Products and Their Interactions- Their Affect on Stability

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Visit the 2007 website

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The website is up!

The website is up!

Check out


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IIR Welcomes you to Forced Degradation 2008