siRNA troubleshooting

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siRNA troubleshooting

Hi everyone!

we are performing siRNA infusion in mouse brain and, usually it works :-)
but this time we have an unexpected effect: the target gene (protein level) is increased in mice treated with the specific siRNA. It means the protein level is higher in the mice treated with the spe-siRNA than in the control siRNA. this control siRNA was already used by us several times and did not cause any adverse problems before. Does any have an explanation?
I thought it could be interferon response, but how will such response target especially our gene of interest?
thanks for any help

David E
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what is your target?

what is your target?

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Does this siRNA construct

Does this siRNA construct contain the full CDS of your target gene? If so, I am wondering if the cell is somehow translating the RNA that is transcribed from that construct and making protein. If it does not have a full CDS then I have no explanation.