My Favorite Probe Supplier!

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Tony Rook
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My Favorite Probe Supplier!

I would like to begin a thread of everyone's favorite supplier where they purchase Probes for PCR, Real Time PCR, RT-PCR, and other PCR assays. Hopefully, this thread can become a way to verify a supplier before you make a purchase. Please list any pros or cons you may have about particular suppliers.

Tony Rook

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Big Rich (and Paranoid) Bio

Big Rich (and Paranoid) Bio Tech has in-house manufacturing...three day turn around and no chance for corporate espionage. We wouldn't want the competition to know we are measuring GapdH levels!

Back in "the old days" I have used probes directly from Perkin-Elmer, with fine success, but they were expensive.

I have friends that get primer probe sets from Invitrogen with no complaints. I've heard Biosearch is cheaper, but I don't know much about them.

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I Use (integrated

I Use (integrated DNA technology)
they are cheap, good turn arround time

TaqMan-Angel from (the premiere emarketplace for biotecnology service outsourcing)