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Protocol for

Maintaining Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines

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Abstract or Description:

This protocol is explains about growth of  lymphoblastoid cells for permanent storage and for DNA extraction.

Safety Considerations:

      All cultured animal and human cells have the potential for carrying viruses, latent viral genomes, and other infectious agents. Cell cultures should be handled very carefully by trained persons under laboratory conditions which afford adequate biohazard containment. A Biological Safety Cabinet must be used when passaging cell lines. Use bleach in a suctioning apparatus to kill unused virus. All material used in passaging the cell lines must be autoclaved. Gloves are always worn to protect hands from contamination . A laboratory coat should be worn to protect clothes from contamination. Doors of the tissure culture room should remain closed to decrease the amount of airborn contaminants entering the incubators and the room. Equipment (incubators, centrifuges, microscopes, tabletops, etc.) should be cleaned routinely to help maintain a sterile work environment.

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